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Before starting any software implementation/development project we work with the people in your organization to analyze existing systems, current requirements and also plan for future changes in your business. This allows Eintel to build up a picture of what you need not only today, but well into the future.

We work with you to make sure that;

  1. You have a clear picture of what you want throughout your business and the payoff for effort in implementing changes makes it worth doing.
  2. All parts of the business are interviewed and the needs of all parts of the business recorded and acknowledged
  3. Realistic goals and expectations are set.
  4. There is a clear understanding and communication between our technical teams and our customers.
  5. The implementation team has a clear understanding of the challanges your business faces.


Once  a clear picture of what is required for your business Eintel will design and develop a system that fits the requirements of the business. Our approach is to start with proven opensource technologies and solutions. Being opensource allows us to modify the software at all levels so that it provides exactly what you and your business needs.

As parts of this process we try to maxamise the use existing processes and workflows to help keep the development cost to a minimum. Where changes are required we make sure they are made in an upgrade safe manner to protect your investment.

The introduction of a new system into a business is ciritally important. This is the stage where Eintel makes sure that everything possible has been done to maxamize the investment that has been made and to help users realise the power of the new system that has been developed.

We assist the business in making sure that;

  1. Users have been trained in the correct use of the new system.
  2. Changes in business process have bene clearly communicated and understood.
  3. There is somebody from Eintel on the ground when the new system goes live.
  4. Downtime is kept to a minimum.


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